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Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
Please defend your position regarding this assumption.

Thank you for this link, it has proved quite helpful.

Because I lust after the abstract more than the concrete, alpha. I am a computational biophysicist with little or no hope of material gain in this field. I am very self-conscious so I have the introverted sensing fault. However what leads me to decide conclusively on INTJ from the description is this statement:

"It is important for an INTp to be involved with someone, to have an object of affection"

I certainly do not exhibit this behavior. I would like to thank all of you for helping to confirm my socionics type, and regret any perceived hostility. If you have more questions I would be happy to address them.
Fair enough. Like I have said before, I never gave a definitive statement as to your type but rather suggested a possible alternative (INTp); and you very well may be INTj. But I will give you some more concrete reasons why I believe you are INTp.

First, you trend towards gamma characteristics over alpha characteristics. From wikisocion: "
  • Gamma types take a longer-term view regarding efficiency and profitability, giving lower priority to the short term. Likewise, they tend to aim at the broader benefits of decisions, rather than only at those affecting themselves, giving them an inclination for self-sacrifice.
  • Gamma types like to talk about where present trends are leading in terms of potentially profitable events and undertakings.
  • Gamma types tend to give more value to ideas and concepts that are firmly connected to factual information. "
This last point definitely applies to you--most if not all your posts utilize or request that ideas and concept be connected to factual sources. With respect to the second point above, I have seen you use Ni in your intuitive evolution discussion--i.e., you had a clear view of the temporal trends of inuitive capacity.

Again from wikisocion with respect to gamma quadra super ego:
  • Gamma types don't tend to form or maintain groups based on fun, emotional interaction, but only take groups seriously that perform some common productive activity or discuss serious topics.
  • Gamma types reject the idea that it's best to avoid confrontations so as not to spoil the mood of those present, they prefer directness in settling or at least discussing disagreements.
  • Gamma types have difficulty relating to emotional atmospheres connected to "special dates" such as public holidays."
Your proclivity towards the second point is irrefutable. You prefer directness in settling and discussing agreements. I would also say the first point applies to you: i.e., your posts are very serious with little to no indication of fun/emotional interaction.

Second, I will discuss my reasons by function. First, I have mentioned your Fe before and so I will start with that analysis first.
From wikisocion in regards to an INTp's Fe:
"When discussing matters that are perceived as important, ILIs often betray a harsh, critical perspective on viewpoints and ideas that they find particularly stupid and insensible. This may be a result of the fact that some ILIs do not attach emotional considerations to arguments and do not consider criticism to be offensive. Instead, if confronted with somebody whose intelligence, persona, or ideas they do not respect, they may react in a hostile fashion, which can be perceived as arrogant; however, not all ILIs, obviously, will react in this fashion."

I would say that you initially displayed a "harsh, critical perspective" of this discussion because it involved your type, which you "perceived as important." And it clearly is important to you, I don't think there is any argument over that.

Moving to your ego block, wikisocion had this to say in regards to your Te:
ILIs place great importance on factual accuracy and a basic understanding of how things work. They may be inclined to look down on or pity people who consistently demonstrate ignorance of what they consider to be basic, essential facts. It is often also very important to ILIs that a person's beliefs take into account any new factual information. For this reason, they tend to be rather skeptical of people's positions, and even frequently tend to question their own position. In groups the ILI will often question the validity of information being exchanged. Likewise, many ILIs may often use a mocking and aggressive tone.

Many ILIs have a deep factual understanding of subjects which they find interesting or care about. Sometimes ILIs perceive the real-world occurrences around them, such as the daily tedium of work or school, through the lens created to understand the information that they care about most, although they may choose not to share this perception with others. They often have little to contribute in many social situations, but when the topic of their interest comes around they may tend to be the center of attention, disseminating the information of their expertise.
ILIs can often be highly critical of others' ideas and actions. Often this is because others' ideas violate the ILI's understanding of the facts, or because ILIs see more efficient or workable solutions.
ILIs normally channel their energy towards constructive criticism because they frequently lack the initiative to take decisive action themselves.
You undoubtedly place great importance on facts, their accuracy, and empirical data in general. You have leveled criticism at more Ti oriented people due to their reduced factual reliance. You have also displayed criticism of others' ideas and actions (e.g., this thread). It is also obvious you have a "deep factual understanding" of things that you care about (e.g., you clearly know a ton about computational bio-physics, at least that's how it seemed from the vocabulary you were using in the intuitive evolution discussion we were having ). I hope this has helped elucidate my position a little.

I'll add a couple more things to what I previously said. Here is a brief description from wikisocion of alpha group behavior:
Alphas try to create a comfortable and pleasant group atmosphere, in the emotional, sensorial, and intellectual aspects. An ideal Alpha group situation is the exchange of light-hearted jokes while discussing novel concepts, all while enjoying pleasant food and drink. Narrating personal experiences usually takes the form of telling a joke; funny and unusual personal experiences are preferred over serious and banal ones. The fun and jokes that go along with activities are at least as important as the activities themselves. They avoid generating "heavy" moments; any dramatic expressions are limited in time, most often in service of a joke. Alphas are also perhaps the most likely types to participate in use of mind-altering substances. "

While I do have a number of serious posts, I do inject some light-hearted remarks here and there and prefer to keep things pleasant. However you don't really display any of the above cited alpha behaviors, rather most of your posts are very serious.

Also, I apologize if my posts were offensive; they were solely meant to generate discussion/ascertain your type.

Increased expression of one function (1) suppresses the opposing intradichotomy function and (2) suppresses the opposing intrablock function (and vise versa).

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