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Exclamation Project: Socionic X-prize

The idea of ​​this project has inspired me a story about Project X-Prize
that's what you can read here:
X-Prize Foundation: D0% A4% D0% BE% D0% BD% D0% B4_X_Prize
competition winners
All these stories inspired my idea: What if a project: "X-prize socionic"
Here are the terms of the project:
You must create a movie socionic viral-movie that within a year pick up at least 1 million views. The essence of the movie: beginners introduction with socionics, evocation of interest to Socionics, or to its individual aspects. Examples of such clips can be:
E. Udalova:

Limitations: not welcome binding to a specific school or Socionics. Or as his presenting single school correct
If some of them mentioned - have to a group of people were present, so that novices had a choice.

[Video] [/ video]
Here's the plan shown above video - can be in the contest only after excision of fragments Dukhovskoi where he engaged in self-promotion as a
Lord of Socionics. Remember! You have to be for the benefit of Socionics as a whole. You should not be selfish!

Also a prerequisite because of the chaos that reigns in Socionics: if the type mentioned - be sure to link to reliably proven protocol. Otherwise - the application may be rejected.
Of course: the version of Socionics - or for Dummies "socionic types in the USSR" - in this case - can fall off - but they said the warning: "This is not serious," Therefore, it is not eliminated.
If I forgot someone - then write. I'll add.
In general, I think these clips - you should create a general idea of ​​how these might look like the most pop movies that could fall in interest in Socionics large masses of people.
The winner will receive a prize of the project $ 1,000
The project will last for 3 years from today's date: 08/08/2011 to 08/08/2014
I'm waiting on you, Socionics intensification efforts to distribute Socionics. Also I can share the experience of mounting the digital video.!
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