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me in the yellow dress: I look a little bit like Julia
Louis-Dreyfus in this picture.. maybe I AM ESFj.. noooo! But I don't care about feeding people. I am NEVER over the top with offers of food. In fact, when I cook, I tend to underestimate how much people will eat, and then just let figure out what to do if they want more food.. ha ha ha I'm a terrible host. Starving all of my guests...

Also, it hasn't been until the past couple of years that I've actually taken care of my appearance. I can't imagine an ESFj going over 2 decades and not fixing their hair or doing makeup..

girl in the white & black dress: VI's like an ISFp??? me & her hang out ALL THE TIME since she moved into town.

could I be alpha SF?? but then why do I never, ever hang out with alpha NT's? my INTj brother & I run in very different circles, and I don't recall him being much help in "dangerous social situations".. like dude where were you when I needed you? oh that's right, locked in your room playing God of War.. computer nerd to the nth degree.

now my mom on the other hand, we are tight. I still don't know her type, but I think it's Si-leading or creative. definitely an S-type.

Share a few things you have feelings for; things that enthrall you, disgust you, make you feel good inside and relaxed and why you get these feelings?
enthrall me: finding $20 in the pockets of a pair of pants I hadn't worn in a few weeks.

disgust me: mold growing on food that's been a fridge for a over year

make me feel good inside: hydrocodone

relaxes me: massages, listening to music while I stare at a starry night at the lake


major pet peeve: someone saying "can I just see a smile" when I'm clearly annoyed or angry... if I don't feeling like smiling, I don't f*ing want to smile.. grrr

hobbies of late: making awesome mixed drinks, experimenting with make-up

hobbies I've always had: writing poetry, photography, baking desserts, eating desserts, making mixed CD's, collecting postcards, trying to finish Crime & Punishment. I'm also somewhat obsessed with collecting heart-shaped objects.

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