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Default Re: Hypothetical question

Hmm. Your sentences are logical. They make clrear point and are easy to understand. First of all this means you might be from the Alpha quadra, which makes it easy for me to understand you. Secondly, you are not INTp. INTp writes vague and sometimes contorversially. And the thing you don't like to show initative in makeing contacts, might show you have a weak . I think you might be ENTp. ENTps have trouble with relationships. They badly know the boundaries and this makes them unaware of who is a friend and who is not. They are afraid of getting hurt from the people. Being a Logical type they can't be very active for a longer time in the center of a company. People also don't understand ENTps very much. They are more down to earth and don't live so much inside of their own heads in the fantasies and analysations. So this type may make an impression like it came from an other planet.
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