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I discovered Socionics 18 months ago. I am an ISTp AND a 6.

I am a math major. I am obsessed with writing proofs, am visual-spatial but hate numbers. On the other hand I have a legendary introverted sensing though I haven't slept with any girl yet. But I would like to!

I look very calm and respectful. My friends and my parents believe that the way how I look obliges people to respect me. Don't be cheated by that! Unfortunately I am sadistic. When I get angry (which is realy rare) I can violently hurt others by hitting them. I dream of being given the opportunity to whip someone (which is something I do not like in myself). Everyone in house was hit by I at least three times: my father, my mother and my sister.

If you talk about a human catastrophy I will laugh.

Unlike SG I can be patient with people.

I am too much into details.

I am very reclusive. My Fe isn't strong enough to make me be in touch with social groups. My Fi is however better. I always find myself talking about math and sciences!
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