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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

How connected is the + / - system to reality? Did they notice it from observation? Or were they just mentally masturbating?

It seems kind of strange to me why they would seem to focus on the "flow of ideas" so much. Like, if something works, you keep it up; and if it doesn't work, you come up with another matter what quadra you are in.

Perhaps it is a bunch of smart people sitting around thinking about ways to describe and idealize how they think? Personally, I think the time would be better spent with observation.

What I have found the ENTp is usually good for is knowing about anything new or cutting edge. Like if you were interested about some new technology or gadget, the ENTp probably knows all about it.

Alot of times even, they will start going on about something simply because they think it is "cool", even though you may not see any use for it at the time.

It seems as if the most usefull thing about ENTp's is that they have already dug deep into the "new developments" of thier speciality (whatever that may happen to be.)

I think that the matter of social contact between the types (and even groups of types) should far outwiegh any investigation about "flow of ideas"...

...but hell, what do I know anyway?

* * * * *

Like, things that would be interesting:

Relationship between an a body-bulider INTj and a skinny ESTp, 180 IQ ENFp and a 80 IQ INTj, a 180 IQ ISTj and 80 IQ ENTp, an ESTj pastor and an INTp atheist, an ESFp in a room full of INFj's, a ESTp and an autistic INFj, etc., etc.

Just to see what happens with relationships when the only thing that differs between the types is confidence in the functions, and not talents.
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