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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
When I searched on the Internet I found some pages that may help to elucidate this phenomenon:

Most people may be somewhere in between an extreme night owl or an extreme early bird, and I think I have read somewhere that according to some studies night owls would be more common than early birds. And that would of course be a problem for my hypothesis, because I have found in my own typings of other people what seems to be a very clear pattern: that most rational types are early birds and that most irrational types are night owls. I have asked more than 30 people whose type I am certain of (based on a systematic and thorough typing using several typing methods, including tests and interviews), and so far I have only met one or two persons that might not fit the pattern. Such a result would be unlikely if there wasn't a positive correlation between this phenomenon and the j/p dichotomy. I can assure you that it cannot be explained by possible mistypings, but even if you don't take my for granted on that, the hypothesis is easy to falsify if it is not true.

So, according to my predictions you would be an early bird, SG. It would be interesting to see if that is correct or not.
I'm a extreme night owl, but I've done a early bird schedule before.
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