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Default Re: Things you have to know about enneagram

For instinctive people, conviction comes before reflexion. They instinctively sense what is needed, what they want and how things must be. They may like theories only if they have a practical application. Thinking in black and white they are mostly interested by experience and result. Theory for theory (especiall for type 8), even if they are NTs shows a weak spirit. Instinctive types are also called anger types, or indolence types (which is the passion of type 9=the primary type of the instinctive triade).

Emotional people pay attention to the image they project because, it is this image which will help them make a contact with others. So instead of behaving like they are, they adopt the image which they think will let them be loved. They are also called image types. Projecting the image they like to show is a kind of unconscious lying which is the passion of the primary emotional type=3.

Mental people usually replace doing by thinking. They need long phases of reflexion before taking any decision. Because they cannot know everything they want to know (especially when it comes to foresight). So fear, which is the passion of type 6(=primary mental type), is common to all of members of the mental triade. They are also called fear types. But most of them are not conscious of their fear. But we can infer from a deep analysis and observation of their behaviour that fear is a central factor to understand their personnalities.

Do not think of enneagram as a prison containing nine jails. But rather as a spectrum (like the colours spectrum). You know that yellow, red and blue are enough to build all the colours, so they are primary colours. In parallel, there are three primary types: 3,6 and 9. For instance, if you make a combination between type 3 and type 6, you will get type 4 or type 5.

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