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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

Originally posted by SG:
It seems to me that sometimes people identify themseves with their type to such an extent that they almost prepared to admit - yeah, this is who I am, and so any negative reference towards their type they would treat as a personal attack.

I did look at it as somewhat of a personal attack but also as an attempt to discredit me(whether is was somewhat directed at me or not) as potentially a fraud or a liar or an idiot. The way you worded it made you it seem like you were turning your back on most self proclaimed ENTp's. I understand the possibility that some people may think they are ENTp's and not be, but when this forum has a discourse going on, and people are expressing opinions and ideas you are exposing the ENTp's to scrutiny.

Relating recent conversation where you typed me as ENXp with this thread automatically put me into your little category. "Dont listen to Epic, he could be one of 'them'" now when no one takes what another person says seriously that will jeoporadize the confidence they place in their creative potential and you should know that. [/QB][/quote]
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