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Originally Posted by I of the Potato View Post
So are you saying he wants to remove all of my defects? Both his and my own? That is his reason for criticizing me?

Why does he not criticize himself then? Why can't he see that he is more of a slob than I am? Why do I have to keep pointing this out to him?
Back to your troubles....

The ISTp is hyper-critical. He usually keeps it to himself, but if he's stressed his snarky thoughts can seep out. Don't take his criticism to heart too much. Lots of things bother him a little, but nothing bothers the ISTp too much. So try to do a little better in those areas he mentioned. He will notice. Don't stress about accommodating him, and don't overdo it. He won't respect that. Just do your thing, let him do his, and meet in the middle.
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