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When I lived with my parents, they would complain about me leaving a mess, and when I go back to visit them, they always joke about how I'll make a mess and leave. Don't really enjoy staying over that long, rather hang with the friends.

With one of my roommates, we were both laidback, and the only complaint he fired off was when I wanted to wash my laundry and he had just finished a load and I left his wet clothes on the floor, while washing and drying mine.

I clean my room about once a week, so it's relatively organized, but its to my own preferences, nothing crazy like I'll leave my jeans some where.

If I agree to go to the store with someone and theres nothing I want there, I get impatient, but other wise, I don't mind store browsing if I know there's something I want.

I like to show up right at the time I need to be somewhere, not 10 minutes early or anything crazy like that.
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