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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post

ENFp's and pervs
in light of your last comment i can say some negative things but i wont i wanna focus on the posative only.

As for the theory of me being an ENTp like you said.... is a reasonable choice but i can't go there because i don't seem to have high regard for all the other members of that quadra and all my intertype associations would be completely thrown off. Every new choice in identity and intertype has major consequences. u know The biggest problem i've noticed with Si doninant types (relationally) is that they are somewhat bean counters.....they don't see the whole forrest before focusing in on a tree , .....they focus in on a tree first n then go out looking for the forrest.

also i've noticed your "gotcha " comments....this is a sign of one upsmanship which is a Ti auxiliary phenomena.......maybe ur ESTp

just a suggestion pal .......maybe u otta send me a pic if ur handy at all that computer stuff.....also curious how old u r ?
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