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Originally Posted by k0rps3y View Post
Solitude, universal truths, and emotional wank seem like INTp hallmarks to me.
How so? How is that *not* INFp? (Rhetorical questions, answer if you will, in other words they aren't hallmarks of INTp really, but at very least are also INFp)

I don't see how a thinker of supposedly complex thoughts is going to express those ideas without going beyond grunts and gestures. Different situations call for a range of responses.
I'm curious if you find it difficult to explain complex thoughts in simple terms, as it *seems* that's what you're getting at.

In other words, I think you do (at least from what I can see), and it ties in with what I mentioned earlier on in last post....

Someone with strong T doesn't have such an issue, and it can be why INTps are more economical with their words, as they *can* summarise complex situations easily - esp if their Ti is strong as well as their Te, basically good T.


Anyway, enough of little quotes here and there from me, fwiw ime of observing others and their types from what i've seen in this ole internet world, that reading type descriptions or sitting tests doesn't work for everyone. I'd suggest looking at clubs, quadra values and functions as well, and probably won't say much else at that, later mate whether INFp or INTp, it's all the same it's only type, lol .

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