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I don't think music preference is type related. There might be a slight correlation between quadra values and certain lyrics and messages.

I'll participate anyway.

My tastes are very rock-centric, mainly classic rock, esp. progressive. Most of the music I listen to is from the late 60s through 80s. My absolute favorite band is Rush, followed by the Beatles. I'm not really into a lot of mainstream modern rock, but I do like a lot of pop music. I generally dislike hip-hop, metal, and emo. I pretty much despise rap and country. Even within the genres I dislike, there are still a few songs/bands that I enjoy from them.
So this one time me an' my bes' frien' Stan, we went to a church service. That preacher was talkin' 'bout hell. So Stan leans over to me an' he says, "I bet hell is like a PoLR hit every day."

An' I says, "Stan, you prolly right."

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