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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Anyway for some reason this post hasn't automerged, so i'm having to include it here when I was going to edit it to insert it towards the end of the previous post instead of at the end. If you don't mind I thought i'd include a short dialogue between ourselves on chatbox yesterday:

CD: I'm super tired right now
Cy: you should get some rest
CD: I should
CD: I'mma go shopping though
CD: Haha. I go even when I don't have energy.. I just like getting out. I'd much rather go somewhere then sleep, lol

I'd like to hear about introverts who even when they're tired think that not stopping and not engaging with the world is the best way to energise them.
Haha! Wooow I have so much to respond to... But the funny thing is, is before I got to the stores, I was very zombie-like. When I was done shopping, I felt really good and I had a lot of energy.

Originally Posted by king View Post
Thanks found them - they were on tiny little links, which is why my blantant skim reading missed tham.

About IEI...I'm not too sure

There was alot of intersting stuff on the video's two things I noticed in particular.

1. Your favourite quote, "when injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty" - I hope that was reasonably accurate - This seemed quite telling to me, I'd be inclined to say that it seemed fairly IEI'sh, but wouldn't want to necessarily read to much into it. I think that perhaps your explanation of why you liked it was perhaps more informative than the quote itself. You explained your ideals very clearly, as opposed to your explanation for the lottery prediction or toilet paper installation, which was done with far less confidence. I'd say perhaps that the tone of your voice and the emphasis you placed on your ideals showed both your confidence in this area and your commitment to them.

2. I'm specualting here, but the way that you answered the questions, also seemed socionically introverted to me. In the sense that people were taking the initiative in asking you questions and the way that you seemed very comfortable and natural answering them, perhaps as if this is how you are most comfortable interacting with people in real life?

From the video's I'd say socially outgoing IEI sounds like a good typing, provisionally at least. Just to let you know I am not someone who types people definitively, as I've mentioned I'm kind of just speculating.
Haha, I agree with all that you said in #1 & #2. I think the reason I was much more confident when I talked about my favorite quote was that I KNEW why. But as for responding about the inquiries of the way I put my toilet paper and the lottery prediction? Well, those took much more thought. I hadn't thought about how I would answer either of those questions until I started filming the video. But, even if I had time to think, I still would have answered them exactly that way, haha.
Yeah, intoversion is a possibility now that I think about what you've said in #2. I like it when people talk to me, ask ME questions, and initiate. When I am in a position that I have to do all the talking (because perhaps the other people doesn't like to initiate very much either) I get uncomfortable after a while and start wishing they would talk. That was a problem with my ex boyfriend and I. I would talk and talk and talk but he never talked back, and in a moment of silence I was always the one to bring something up to start conversation. I'm not very good at it though, so most of our conversations were very short lived. I like people who take the initiative, I do. It is much easier for me to conversate with someone who doesn't seem to stop talking rather than someone who barely talks. Or maybe, another possibility is too, is that I just really DO NOT like recieving no feedback. I will initiate if I know the person will initiate right back, you know? Wooow I've written a lot.

<- My friend Adrian just told me to put that because she loves it.

Wow, Cyclops, you've written quite a bit. I really appreciate it.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
OK, purpose of this was to try and find out if you were Ne first function, because typically Ne dominants tend to move on quickly and easily see other potentials and ideas. Maybe school is not the best example as exams can maybe be seen as more serious than for instance a job - we can always get another job but without the qualifications from school our other jobs might be limited.

So in regards to your type, much that I think you VI like an ENXp, I would say that I see the following types likely for you in this order: ENFp, ENTp and a somewhat distant 3rd is ESFp.

This is based on your temperament, how you look, what you say about yourself and your test results, which really is all we can go on to look at it fairly.

I don't think you look like an ESFp but I would consider it anyway fwiw.
Some people have said I could possibly be a thinker. I've never really considered it because emotions influence me so greatly. But, maybe it is a slight possibility. Actually, now that I read the description of an ENTP, it could very well fit me as ENFP or INFP would. Infact, it fits me quite well.. But, I think I'm definitely more of a feeler. I'm constantly going 'Oh, I feel so bad' or, 'Oh, that makes me feel _____'
The bell is going to ring soon, I'll finish this later.
I do not think ESFP is a possbility, just to add quick. I pay little attention to my senses unless it's hard not to. Like, something smells super good, or there is something reaaaally soft, or someone is wearing an insanely bright shirt, haha.. Unless, I'm getting 'sensing' all wrong? I also know that I DO NOT live in the here and now. I live in the past and the future. I cried last night about something that happened almost a month ago.
(‿‿) - Fwee!

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