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Originally Posted by Vibration View Post

But why are you more interested in the dots than the imaginary pattern they represent? Because you learned that the dots are real/objective and the N lines between the dots are just imagination?

Anyway, it must feel strange to go against your natural inclination.
I think i said the same thing earlier only with different words.

A dot preference is an S preference. Proms liking of the various coinage of objectivity which he chooses to use----you'd think that to be a T preference.
As far as i can see, and i don't have to look far, this is an ST preference.

So strange,in deed, it musty feel.

Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
over an extended period of time.
I agree. You cant jump to conclusions too soon. It would be nice if you could, but there's always an exception to look out for.
Some Sort of Si + Fi valueing type.

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