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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
No, they are equally strong. Of course they both correspond perfectly with my real life observations of the types. But the temperaments are much more easy to determine correctly than the quadras.
Equation marks between both are equally strong and strength of equation marks correspond with your real life observatons. Why is the corrspondence between the temperaments and the real types more easy to determine correctly, compared to the analogue of quadras?

Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
No, the temperaments are more useful as a typing tool for everyone -- including you.
Yeah. Give me more of your shit will you.

It is a little bit annoying but SG could easily straighthen this up. He has little time for this so I guess we have to solve the problem on our own (In the same time thanking SG for this opportunity to discuss new things and also cursing him for not caring (though this can be anticipated for the INTj behaviour, this does not mean it will be forgotten or excused for example) .

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