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Originally Posted by Yaaroslav View Post
Cast: Yesenin: Anastasia
Hamlet: Victor S. Yavorosky
On this video you can see how much these people get free, as they talk freely on various topics. Not for nothing do they say: "In the quadras of a special atmosphere of free communication" - that is the same case! Also interesting is the fact that each party to any view expressed by the interlocutor is from the same standpoint alternative interpretation, that is: "Mirror, partner." The very fact that it happens - once again proves the efficiency my version of Socionics!
Nice typings, I can't understand what they are saying though

This clipping from the movie "Mirror relationship Hamlet Esenin"
It paid attention to the domination of society Balzac. Highlighted these points: as the excessive dominance of the value of money (Te) and on other aspects, respectively - an inadequate decline in other aspects. This does not bode well for our society - and this is a big problem!
The very existence of society's problems - is (one of many) of circumstantial evidence proving that Balzac - the dominant type in the world.
It's a problem with greedy and sociopathic people rather than Balzacs?
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