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Hey K0rps3y, just a couple of things as to why I brought this up, in case you're still open to discussing this. Hope the disclaimer is self-evident, that many times i plan on using ime & imo

On a thread on INTp& INFp relations ( you say:
Originally Posted by k0rps3y View Post
Trying to control others is a result of narcissism. The only relation that has to personality type is coloring the manner and intent of the way that control is exerted.
The "narcissism" bit jumped out, thought maybe it wasn't quite coming from an INTp perspective, at least not that of those I've known who're also familiar with socionics. My reasoning went sth. like this: an INTp would recognize that that description of INTp was biased, coming from INFp who's frustrated living with INTp, furthermore, would know certain effects of Fe on INTp - Fe is not sth they necessarily welcome. I thought INTp might consider that poor INTp described was maybe having a pretty hard time himself trying to handle Fe while not getting any, Se or Fi I mean, mind you!

On the same thread:
Originally Posted by k0rps3y View Post
It's a general observation of mine that those who attempt to control others are unwilling or incapable of entertaining thoughts or ways of life other than their own. Whether it springs from the ego-inflation of narcissism or the externality-annihilation of solipsism, it's a selfish means of resolving ambiguous and adversarial psycho-social factors (i.e. the thoughts and behaviors of one's fellows) at the cost of others' personal identities and values.
Through reasons based solely on my experience I've come to associate this kind of insight into certain universal aspects of human nature with INFp. What you're doing is extract the essence (ie. Ni, imo) and color it, so to speak, with a certain way of phrasing it, almost as if you're pitching sth.

Also, fairly uneconomical use of words for an INTp, ime/o. Was thinking, an INTp would edit the hell out of that phrase, lol. Ime/o & understanding of socionics, Ip temperament more than any other temperaments strives to conserve energy as much as possible. Furthermore, in my observation, INTp do this maybe more than other Ip-s (maybe ISTp are similar, not sure, and maybe subtype matters in that respect too). My own post here should tell you i'm no Ip at all

And then, there is this, which I also thought of:
Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I don't really have much on your type tbh, fwiw I could see INFp because from at least my perspective you seem to use a lot of complex jargon and ways of saying things, imho this is more of an INFp thing than an INTp thing. I dunno if I can explain it with socionics per se but in short and rather simply I suppose: it seems to work out that the T in INTp makes them more concise (even if they're wrong) maybe concise isn't always the right word, however the F in INFp makes them more 'poetic'/dramatic, and coupled with their weak T they can talk for a long time with such ways of phrasing but not really have that much of a point in comparison to the prose.
If cool with you (even if unfair), 2 words I'd describe INTp way of speaking by: terse and anticlimactic. Most Fi or Fi valuers tend to be anticlimactic, ime: nothing dramatic, unless they're joking around or making fun of themselves. Also, can't remember what thread it was on, but you posted somewhere about being bothered (or sth along those lines, can't remember verbatim) for having used one word instead of another in some post! LOL, can't really see INTp doing that, again, imo. Although, words are important, sometimes.

But there is also this:
Originally Posted by k0rps3y View Post
Any F-ness you're seeing probably comes from a lifetime of scrutinizing people and their inner workings, and from postmortem examinations of a semi-recently flunked romance.
........which might be true, I don't know your life experiences or circumstances and prefer not to probe into *private* "flunked romances" . BTW, hope you're good and not feeling down on account of that last bit you speak of. Cheers

Edit1: re. INTp not bothering with re-thinking words they've said, i meant that before they speak or type would have thought sth. over and over in their head so wouldn't usually need to sub. some words for others after the fact.
Edit2: not quite suggesting you're "pitching" your insights into the human nature, only that, if i'm "reading" any Fe correctly, to me it would come across as "packaging an idea", in a manner of speaking (which may even be incorrect).

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