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From the previous thread:


If you have studied Jungs psychological types, and studied what it really means to be an extravert, you would realise that Me Me Me is not particularly the behaviour of an introvert.
The me-ism I spoke of stems not from an extrovert's prideful egotism but an introvert's skeptical solipsism. I was tempted to say this explicity before but opted instead for simpler and apparently less precise language.

Oh, regards to starting another thread, why?
Because the original thread was about someone else. Feel free to hit me up with as many questions as you choose, but since doing so in the original thread noisily obscures responses to Abeille's questions, I'd also much rather take it elsewhere.


I warn you, k0rps3y, not to combine MBTI, Kiersey, and socionics.
See here and "about me" here.

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