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Default Re: Something to get off my chest

Look, the 'ding ding' stuff is stupid, don't do that. I am making a fine argument here and I won't argue anymore. Not everyTHING can be broken down infinitely. A chicken is a chicken. Yes, you can say that a chicken is made out of divisible particles, but when you are talking about how many chickens there are you are talking about how many chickens there are, not infinitely divisible particles. The sub-particles don't belong in the argument. So you CAN break it down, but that has no relevance to the argument.

Same with the "can of soda" if we arrange an argument we have to form definitions which do not include "infinitely divisible particles" so a can of soda must be a certain thing. In this argument let's say it is full and unopened because the people you are serving them to will not drink opened ones. So you have 5 cans of unopened soda, ten million opened but full ones and one trillion half full cans(or half empty). you can only serve 5 cans of soda because the people in question will only accept unopened cans. So in this case the idea is not infinitely divisible. If you want to think scientifically you have to see this perspective.
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