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Default Duality Seeking

Another comparison will be between Dual-seeking functions. INTps are looking out for extroverted sensing , INTjs are looking out for extroverted feeling. Since both functions are the subconscious functions, they are likely to influence the subconscious choices. INTps would want to go power driven, moneymaking, sometimes risky places, whereas INTjs would prefer a happy, cheerful and exciting surrounding.
The above quote is taken from Sergei Ganin (SG??) articles in

I would really love to have an expert to make a thorough explanation on Dual-seeking functions. Not just on INTp and INTj. Even though I am INTp I would like to learn more on this topic.

Actually that articles have clear up many things and now I know for sure I am an INTp = Introverted iNtuition with Extroverted Thinking.

It would be interesting if that articles can be expanded towards all the 16 type.

BTW, I'm new here and I guess this forum is also new, is that so?
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