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Originally Posted by FSG View Post
Maritsa, I often get obsessive about things and people. I got obsessed with the Enneagram for the past few years. Then I met a person who knows quite a lot about Socionics and I got obsessed about Socionics so I spent a lot of time reading about it. Then of course I have my own theories which are mostly based on logics. But I did not get exceptional at Socionics, no way. Just beggining. I cannnot even type myself correctly... this guy here just happened to look so much ESTP that it was quite obvious and the only other possibility I took seriously was ISTP.

Maybe not, yes. As I said I consider only 3 types for me, all of which are ST: ESTj, ISTp and ISTj.
ESTj's get obsessive feelings about people or situations that bother them and won't leave them alone, causing stagnation in their work, loss in spirituality for novel ideas, and laziness, because what happends is that with T types the function that sufferes in a stressful circumstance is F, causing an obsessive pattern where they repeat the same feelings within themselves about a situation or a person, over and over again.

The opposite happends for F type; they get obsessive thoughts that bother them and won't leave them alone; thoughts like "did I do this right? how could I have done it differently? would people around me see me as a different person? was I nice enough?"

Obsessive feelings are much like feelings, they arise and fall back inside of you, making you uncertain of your own feelings about things and convoluting your feelings so you don't know what to feel for who.


The PoLR function is the 4th function in a person and here is a wikisocion link to SLI/ISTp description...

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