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Originally Posted by natemaldonado View Post
Aggression as in, I'm not afraid to approach and not afraid to move things physically a long.

I admire strong people(think Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious) who aren't afraid to stand up to anyone. Mike Singletary is a guy, I respect, cause he takes control of his team and doesn't allow the bullshit, while putting down those who don't fit into the team mindset.(look up his youtube video about I want winners)

Weakness, I push people away who try to get to close. My same buddy said I'm a stone because I don't let myself fall for anyone..
Yes, that would indeed confirm you as ISTp; ESTp's have no problem in loving and approaching object of affection for long term and immediate establishment of relations; both, or in my opinion all ST types have this strength about them that most NF types lack and that is why they are paired with each other, for the dual, balance effect of the polar personalities. I believe cyclops would be the best person to explain to you what Fe PoLR is like and how it manifests, from a first hand experience or account of that function.
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