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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Reading this description, it sounds like someone who's highly critical and, dunno, like a practicing Christian or something.
One doesn't have to be a practicing Christian to evaluate people by a moral code. A problem that I find with using the word "morals" is that (I think) the term tends to be interpreted as "Judeo-Christian morals". Setting aside my own feelings on the matter, I know that there are many moral programs in existence and they don't necessarily match mine. Even other Christians' standards are different than the ones I hold; that's just how it is. Maybe "ethical standards" would be a better term. And yes, I do think that Fi-bases judge people based on ethical or unethical behavior.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
So, either it is just me, or maybe the description is wrong, it seems to make it seem rather bloodless. One thing that occured to me is that the form of judgementality it mentions sounds to me more like an ISFj than an INFj. ISFj can be more of a "moral enforcer" if you will.
There isn't any "enforcing" going on in the description, merely evaluation. For example, if I am around someone who drops the f-bomb excessively, I'm not going to tell them to stop; I'll probably just avoid them. In doing so, I have judged the person against my standards without pushing my standards on them.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
It also occured to me, that what i'm describing, maybe sounds more like the description for Fi creative:

So also, if they are both true, to me there seems to be quite a difference, do you think so?
It could make sense. In Fi-bases, Fi is unhindered by any other function. In Fi-creatives, Fi is subordinate to Ne/Se, so it's not the #1 priority. This post by Rick might help.
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