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I am relatively new to the study of socionics and psychology in general, but it has already been invaluable to me in understanding and describing relationships. One thing that you must remember... "People are not types, they have types", quoted from somewhere on this site or another one I think.

Or another way: Socionics type does not define any specific personality completely or and often not even adequately.

People seem to be born with dispositions, certain preferences or comfort zones such as being more comfortable while using the mechanism of extraversion rather than introversion, or logic versus Feeling, etc. But life has a way of moving everyone in some way or another. Teaching, life experience, crisis, and any of a number of other things may reinforce or contradict our natural disposition, so that in the end our personality traits and behavior are determined to varying degrees by the admixture of life. The usefulness in socionics is that even through all the distortions and mitigations brought about by our experience in life, our underlying condation, our comfort zone remains relatively the same. So that knowing someones type serves as a great starting point, a good place to begin when undersatanding or predicting a persons behavior.

But by far the greatest benefit I have found in socionics is in uderstanding myself. And encouraging others to do the same. A well adjusted person is one who lives close to home with regard to his disposition. Often life bestows upon us personality traits that are conficting and detrimental to our disposition. Being able to identify where you have adopted behavior that does damage to your natarul order of functioning and therefore is detrimental to you psychologically or to your self-esteem can gain big rewards for you in personal fullfillment etc.

As far as the strict scientific approach it is somewhat difficult to apply to the gathering of the information, but not to testing it.

Feel free to observe behaviors and make predictions based on socionics and see how well it works. I suggest you start by choosing an exagerated type you are relatively certain of. Choose a strong J type for example and observe how unnerved they are by uncertainty. Or a strong P and observe how a strict routine enforced upon them drains them and yet they brighten up when the situation becomes more fluid.
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