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Originally Posted by Kanerou View Post
[/indent]I'd like to know what these have to do with anything. If I don't have definitions, it's hard to decide.
Its based in understanding that you use a combination of individual functions. If you have a decent feel of the definitions of the functions you should be able to pick one combination that suits you best. Choose one from #1 and one from #2.

Dont pay attention to the team names just look at the combination of 2 functions. For example in the first one you have Fe and Ne. This means that this type of person has either a preference to use Fe in the realworld and then follow it up with Ne considerations to back it up.................or this person has an Ne preference in the realworld and then uses Fe considerations to back it up. Either scenario is valid for this type of person........if neither of these two fit you then throw this option out and move to the next one of...FeSe

This is yet another handy tool for assessing type.
Some Sort of Si + Fi valueing type.

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