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Originally Posted by Kanerou View Post
Since it's in your Super-Ego block, which holds conscious and painful functions, you don't really want other people telling you you're bad at it. Wikipedia says something about a basic inability to use one's PoLR, but I sharply disagree.
I was talking about this theory.

Originally Posted by Kanerou View Post
Not at all. Was this directed at me?
I initially stressed my verbal score to reflect the action of the function as suggested by Prometheus, but I do not want to appear unbalanced with regard to language, mathematics, or any other logical systems.

Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
So, basically everything suggests INTj as IntjWurm's correct type, and if you look at his longer posts recently you will see a rather typical example of the influenced writing style of INTjs. What you should take a closer look at is how he construct his sentences and his use of abstract nouns. This style of writing is similar to tcaudilllg's at the16types and of course you can compare with Kant's style of writing if you like.

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