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I've always thought that he was an ISTP. I suppose he could be an INTJ, but I don't think he could be anything other than those two types. He was way too independent and stoic to be an E or an F.

I'm pretty sure that most famous philosophers were ISTPs, by the way. Even today, philosophy attracts more ISTPs than any other types. It's funny though, it only attracts the ISTPs who are actively looking for answers, "deeper" ISTPs if you will. Some ISTPs can't stand philosophy because they don't want to over-complicate things...they would rather just stick with there understanding of life and move on.

ENFP is also a natural philosopher; however, we often lack the focus and self-discipline to do all of the reading and writing required to excel in philosophy. A lot of that is because we stay so connected to the outside world. We tend to REALLY get life and people though.

ENTP and INTJ can also be very philosophical. But they can stuggle to remain objective because of their strong self-interest and need to be right, both of which limit their ability/desire to continue to peel the philosophical onion and accept everything they find.
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