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Default Extreme difficulties in getting close to people

This problem is making me sick. I can't go any step after formality with people. I have a lot of imagined distance in my head between I and the people and this is coupled with a lot fear. I don't even have enough Fe to just connect with people. I am nice and polite, but stay distant.

I was complaining to a colleague of mine that I am not being able to become friend with my advisor, he told me that I will never become friend by just talking to him once per week for half an hour because people think they can't get close to me.

How the heck can I start? Note that in social situations I do talk, I am not shy, but just don't get close to the person emotionally. Is what I am describing a weak F? I really wonder because I frequently think I am ISFj. But I still can't know if my advisor likes me or not.
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