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Originally Posted by Kanerou View Post
Hm. I get what you're saying, but I can't agree. To me, it sounds illogical. Are you saying they're too broad and stereotyped, or are you trying to say something else?
A quadra is not a group of types that are similar. All of the types in a certain quadra are much more different than they are similar. You should compare yourself with other socionic groups, for example the Clubs:

1. NT Researchers
2. NF Humanitarians
3. ST Pragmatists
4. SF Socials

We already know that you are a NF Humanitarian, but as a type you have more in common with other NF types than you have with the members of your quadra.

You should try to determine the four dichotomies before you try to determine your quadra. You are either an INFp or an ENFp. I can't see anything wrong with INFp, but if you are not an INFp, then you are necessarily extraverted. So are you an extravert or an introvert?
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