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Hi, not sure if I've put this in the right place.

I'm Ruby, an ENFP though quite an introspective one. Also Enneagram 4wing3.
My E is high in some ways but I also have a lot of I traits. My N is extremely high and my S almost non-existant. My F and T scores are reasonably well-balanced and my P is quite a bit higher than my J. I've been interested in MBTI for some years now and enjoy introducing others to it. I don't know much about Socionics and how it differs from MBTI.

I teach English and a few other subjects, at the moment privately. I also do proofreading and CVs. I'm thinking of training in Existential Psychotherapy and would also like to do MBTI certification if I had the money. My other interests are colour, theatre, literature, history, psychology, history of ideas, world religions and just about everything really. For self-expression I like singing and dancing, esp Egyptian dance and Flamenco. I go to the gym a lot and have just taken up running - in short spurts. I'm also on the committee of our local arts cinema club.

This makes me sound very active, but I spend a lot of time reading and have 14 bookcases full of books on every subject and many novels. Musically, I enjoy mainly singer-songwriters, world music and musicals.
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