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Originally Posted by RSV3 View Post
Again, testing often mistypes INTps as INTjs and VI is unreliable.
INTps can test as INTjs, but it is not common that INTjs test as INTps. And the consistency in IntjWurm's test results is a strong argument against INTp. Also, V.I. is much more reliable than you think.

Originally Posted by RSV3
I would agree with socioniko that IRL interaction/observation/inteviewing is the most reliable method. Since, I just noticed you referred Kensi to, I'll use that as support for this statement since you must have some regard for it:


"Tests, although used, are considered to be insufficient and not always reliable. Methods similar to medical are more widely used, such as observation, interviewing, external data etc. However, socionists are not adepts of "visual identification" which is misrepresented as "know-how of socionics" at some popular sites. "
Lytov is known for deliberately not using V.I. as a typing method, and he is not good at it. But I suggest that you check for yourself. There is a very clear V.I. pattern to see if you just bother to compare the looks of those that you have typed correctly by the use of other typing methods. Compare with the real life persons you meet. V.I. works for most people, but not everyone is equally good at it. SG is quite good at V.I., and I probably am not much worse at it myself.

Originally Posted by SG View Post
What you're saying is quite absurd as well. Apples and pears are the same because they are fruits! Is that your argument? J & P are the same only if you specify under which circumstance. If you go by the bare theory they are not.
You should not go by the bare theory, because one of the theories is false (MBTT), so of course the theoretical explanations differ. J and P are the same in the sense that all three models (Socionics, MBTT, and Keirsey) have the same empirical "object" or phenomenon in mind when they describe the differences in behaiovur and attitudes between J and P types.

What you, SG, have written yourself about the typical differences between rational and irrational types is perfectly true and consistent with the diffferences between J and P types in MBTT and Keirsey. You are clearly talking about the same typical differences in behaivour and attiutudes. And you are also, as you have described yourself, an INTJ in MBTT.

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