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It just struck me -- a similarity that I have noticed before but not paid due attention to.

You say that you now are sure that you are an EIE. I cannot even imagine how such an obvious mistyping can take place, but of course there must be some explanation for that phenomenon. But here is the interesting pattern:

Both you and tcaudilllg are very intelligent and have very similar writing styles. You have both thought for quite a long time that you are LIIs, a typing that makes sense since it is consistent with yours and tcaudilllg's test results, behavior, attitudes, etc. Then both of you thought for a while, or at least others were seriously considering, that you could be LSIs. And now you think that you are an EIE, which is the same type that tcaudilllg, too, eventually ended up with when his brain started to spin out of control.

I don't know which type tcaudilllg now believes that he is, if it is still EIE or some other type. But I know this: Neither you, nor tcaudilllg, are EIEs -- that typing is so absurd that it can be dismissed right away. So, you are wrong about your type, and tcaudilllg is (or was) wrong about his type, and the task at hand is to try to understand how that can happen.

How is it possible for two intelligent socionists to brainwash themselves to such an extent that they start to believe that they are EIEs, when it is totally obvious that they are logical types? That shouldn't be possible, but it seems to have happened anyway. I think we can now say with even more confidence that you must be an LII, because that is the only type that fits as a possible part of the explanation for your extreme typing mistakes.
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