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Originally Posted by Banter View Post
Haven't heard or seen any cogently evidences that'd back this theory. But one is for sure, this video is food for CT-freaks. lol

Generally, whether Governments are willing to intervene militarily depends on their "national interests", some even play with this dramatic "national security" card at times.

Initially, this mission was about protecting the opposition in Libya and as such prevent the Gaddafi regime from cracking down on them in the hope that the opposition will topple Gaddafi. Since this's turned out to be more different than hoped some forces are certainly more than happy having finally found/got a reason to "assist" toppling Gaddafi either way.

Sarkozy's eagerness and determination to step in and push this through came accross to me as a muscle flexing thingy ... a demonstration of power, so to speak, towards his allies. Without his initiative I doubt a military intervention would've happened. A humanitarian mission? I think it's just sold that way which is a nice side-effect, isn't it? Main job, using the chance of getting rid of Gaddafi. Finally! Even if everyone denies that. *cough!

But whatever the real reason was and whatever intent Gaddafi might have had ... WikiLeaks will leak it in a month or so.
Wish I knew what's changed for Libya to move from an 'ally' to enemy, as up until recently the UK have been supplying Libya with miltary hardware and training.

Of course now that the rebels have admitted they have links with al-qaeda and that they contain some of the same people who've fought the allies in Afghanistan then it makes perfect sense to help them into power
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