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Default a film with me in it: "Bloody Bastards!"

...or how on earth to avoid people.

I'm talking to this person yesterday, just trying to be polite, really (barely even know this person), then person says: "Hey, how about we get a drink Friday after this and that". I'm kinda out of it and said it'd be nice. Then person says:"awesome, looking forward to that". I'm thinking "F***, now i have to!".

Also, if you're taking any classes and think sitting at the very back will work, think again, it ain't gonna. Been trying so hard to avoid this classmate person the past few months. At some point, classmate says:"Hahaha, i think you're avoiding me". Me thinks:"Awesome, you can take a hint!". No such luck, changing seats ain't gonna work either, person keeps getting glued to me. Thank goodness that class is over!

Some time ago, at work, this other person:"Wanna go for lunch today?". Me thinks:"Can't really say No, it'd be rude, +this is work". Me says" Yeah, sure." That lunch date came and went, but person popped up in front of my desk every single day at the same time (lunch). I really just wanted to say, "Can you just let me be for a while..? Screw lunch!".

Bloody bastards!

PS: just general rant, really, but might take humorous advice .
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