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thanks, this does help.

One thing i have noticed is that he seems to project his 'flaws' onto me. My best friend who is INTP has little patience for him, although they do get on.
he's also got into his head that he is a genius and therefore his opinion is fact.

however i have made some progress, if you like, Willow it does sound a lot like your situation and i hope he grows up instead of telling me too.

as for aggressive criticism i think it can be perceived as aggressive whether or not it was meant that way (which mostly i think it is not.)

a big difference is that i think he overestimates himself ( i can't think how else to put this) whereas i underestimate myself. my weaknesses are very obvious to me and i don't appreciate them being constantly pointed out, yet as mentioned i do care what he thinks of me, which he certainly uses to his advantage and loves to point out.

this probably sounds like i'm unhappy but believe me i'm far from it. maybe i should also mention that for both of us this is our first 'proper' relationship. and a big adjustment for me to share myself with him, which he never seems to think is quite enough.
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