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Hi OmniOrb!

And hello everyone! I've been stopping by the forum a little here and there for a couple of weeks I wanted to formally introduce myself. I've known about socionics for about 3 months now and believe myself to be ENFp- Fi subtype. This type definitely makes the most sense for me and I feel very much at home with Deltas. I <3 ISTps. I hope to hang around here for a while and get to know most of you. It seems like I'm never 100% sure of my type...or much anything else for that matter. I find myself questioning and re-assessing things on a pretty continuous basis. So, if at any point anyone has validation or refutation of my self-typing, please feel free to share. I'm always open to new opinions and ways of viewing things. I might considering creating a thread for this purpose at some point. Although I guess part of my behavior will become apparent as I interact more with some of you. Anyway, later!
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