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Originally Posted by SG View Post
I often find myself in semi-vegetative state, when all the power but the minimal life support is diverted to 'front phasers'. That lack of energy after long periods of using intuition often makes me unhappy.
Yes, vegetative is the right word. Like coma patients unable to breathe being put in a respirator.

Very unhappy and sense-less.

Originally Posted by SG View Post
I think the key is to take breaks when needed, but you probably know (judging by your exceptional productivity) that's once you pop you can't stop.
I am completely exhausted. Have been that for several months now. It is probably time for a vacation!

Originally Posted by SG View Post
Other than that, I'd also like to know the secret of eternal happiness
Exactly. Exactly. That is what I meant. But since life seems to be like a roller coaster, maybe we should just buy more popcorn and tickets to the rides and care less about tomorrow?
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