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Originally Posted by kensi View Post

To do a propper assesment you can't start seeing must be open to all sorts of different scenarios for an interpretation...

consider this relational system of "favourable intra-quadra viewpoints".......

1.Your Real World Attitude. Choose one that fits you best:
Team A= FeNe
Team B= FeSe
Team D= TeSe
Team C= TeNe

2. then your Personal Opinionated Attitude. Choose one that fits you best here as well:
Team Orange= FiSi
Team Red= FiNi
Team Blue= TiSi
Team Green= TiNi

btw..i'm trying not to make the choices so obvious so that previous misconceptions are not highly involved here..
Originally Posted by Kanerou View Post
Is this valid in the world of Socionics?

Just to let you guys know, Kensi and I have come to the consensus that we are not the same type. So both of us cannot be ENFp or INFp, in theory.
Yes. Absolutely. Its one technique out of many. I will have to explain it once you're answers are in. Its basically a way of isolating and connecting only the relevant blocks of model A with wires to show your true preferences and not the dogmatic distribution of the 4 blocks of the psyche as a whole.
Some Sort of Si + Fi valueing type.
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