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Default Re: Belief and Intelligence

by SG
I absolutely agree with Epic that an intelligence is the ability to solve problems.
What u are saying is true SG and if u notice I too have said something similar.
What I meant was that different problems require different intelligences. Without getting caught into a trap of verbal trickery of what was said and intended I'll write about what I actually saw implied in ur original post.

The implication as I understand is that u are strong in ur belief that ppl who believe unverifiable facts are too simple and lacking in intelligence.

The example u provided of bending physical objects with the power of the mind is actually possible with Transcendental Meditation.
A classic case of mind over matter
Try watching Buddhist monks practicing it. But they don't do it to exhibit their prowess so I don't know where u'll find one.

At the risk of sounding arguementative I'll repeat what I had written in an earlier post in the same thread , that belief and intelligence are not mutually exclusive concepts and both may co-exist for a variety of reasons.

Rational/cognitive existence will tell that the being is not needed and all of life and its meaning lies only in the being's ability to find/impose meaning on what it sees and on its life. This is intelligence.And I am stretching the limits of the meaning of the word here in trying to explain this.
Belief is when u think u are a part of society and that u contribute to it and are needed. (and funnily this keeps a lot of humanity "sane" and going)

This does not mean that I disregard intelligence (now whatever that has come to mean after so much discussion)
And one last thing - I felt like contributing to this topic because as Nyx put it somewhere , I too felt that the original stance of the post was leaning towards being judgemental.

Hope my opinions don't hurt anybody.
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