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Marquez, again, haven't read anything from him in a very long time, but i seem to remember a certain preoccupation with human solitude, love and loss and lovers re-uniting in their old days, some universal truths about life, but mainly love and a whole lot of emotional masturbation (hey, i did say i'm merry + he's a big man with fire in his belly and a Nobel prize to boot, he won't mind.
Solitude, universal truths, and emotional wank seem like INTp hallmarks to me. The one is a sign of introversion, the other is the result of erasing distinctions and finding commonalities in pattern-seeking during contemplation, and the last the result of difficulties with expressing oneself emotionally, bottling things up and ruminating on them instead. For the mushy stuff, see the INTp HA. "Hundred Years of Solitude" ended poorly for all characters, with their efforts destroyed by negligent descendants and the march of "progress". The only one who escaped was the beautiful and unearthly woman who flew off into the sky and was presumably apotheosized, though in time she was forgotten as well.

He smiles pretty too, nicely showing off a full set of teeth (no, he doesn't green, that was me). Ni, of course, but so much Fe too. For an INTp, at least. Or so i think.

As en epilogue though, INTp-s are not word-challenged, oh they can really bend words if they're important to the point they're making, but they pick them carefully and use them sparsely (just an aside, really).
I don't see how a thinker of supposedly complex thoughts is going to express those ideas without going beyond grunts and gestures. Different situations call for a range of responses.

Btw, I've pored over several sites like,, and, and the Ni ILI is the best fit, so as my buddy Gabe Marquez says
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