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Originally Posted by k0rps3y View Post
Well, almost every test I've taken over the years has said INTx with a strong T, usually P, never J. The only odd duck was an ISTP from a Kiersey test. Any F-ness you're seeing probably comes from a lifetime of scrutinizing people and their inner workings, and from postmortem examinations of a semi-recently flunked romance.
I don't really have much on your type tbh, fwiw I could see INFp because from at least my perspective you seem to use a lot of complex jargon and ways of saying things, imho this is more of an INFp thing than an INTp thing. I dunno if I can explain it with socionics per se but in short and rather simply I suppose: it seems to work out that the T in INTp makes them more concise (even if they're wrong) maybe concise isn't always the right word, however the F in INFp makes them more 'poetic'/dramatic, and coupled with their weak T they can talk for a long time with such ways of phrasing but not really have that much of a point in comparison to the prose. Maybe Beta NF wants to sound more dramatic/important or something as well.

I'm not sure you're dry enough for typical INTp Fe PoLR

Anyway I don't think scoring on tests is sufficient on its own - you could look into other socionics related stuff.

Oh, I don't want to talk about this if you don't want to. I also simply don't have enough info from your posts atm for me to be sure. I sure would be interested if felafel had some thoughts as well
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