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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I'm taking this information in.

Does it bother you if people have poor timekeeping? Would you say your the sort of person who is early rather than late for appointments?

And importantly:

Would you get frustrated with someone who is a poor timekeeper? Would you prefer someone who gets agitated at indecision, always tries to be organised and who gets annoyed easily at people being late?
  • not really ,as long as we compromise from it , but maybeunless its a major deal going down
  • i'm always late (but i always seem to justify its ok/ there's a way out.
  • no, not if i like him/her, unless they are a pain in the arse.
  • not the guy who gets agitated at indecision, no
  • always tries to be organized, yes
  • gets annoyed etc , no

Originally Posted by RSV3 View Post
Here's why I think your INFp Kensi. First, all your posts appear to have an underlying motivation: to understand things. Your posts seek answers to questions that you have, you articulate roughly conceived concepts but ask that others refine your ideas. What this tells me is that you have a Ti mobilizing function (or hidden agenda); you utilize your ego functions for the purpose of expanding your understanding. This was really the deciding factor for me in determining you were INFp instead of ENFj.

Second, it is undoubtedly clear (and I don't think anyone will argue this) that you are intuitive--you have an amazing ability to make judgments and assessments about relationships based on the past behavior you have observed; however sometimes you have trouble verbalizing these assessments that you see so clearly in your mind.

Third, in your quest for understanding, you have difficulty acquiring on your own the raw information needed for the answers you seek. You know the end goal that you are seeking but you need help acquiring and analyzing the raw information. What this tells me is that Te is probably your PoLR. When you ask for help in acquiring and analyzing the info you need and none is given you use Fe to express your disappointment and frustration.

And fourth, you initiate contact with new people you meet through the use of positive statements to build rapport with the person. This demonstrates Fe. Furthermore, you use Fe by being aggressively playful (or playfully aggressive) in an attempt to liven things up and get people discussing/involved in what you care about. Finally, you easily mix more serious statements with lighthearted ones and attempt to take the edge off things with a certain amount of humor. I think all these things indicate Fe.

Fifth, we discussed previously whether I was your supervisor or beneficiary and I think our interactions are non-competitive which indicates more of a beneficiary/benefactor relationship.
man, your good ! did you ever consider a career at this?

I don't think i'll be doubting that you're a TiNe (internally objectively dominant with the possibilities available)

Lets see now what cyclops says. I hope he doesn't use this as a basis for his own understanding.

But why don't i then get along with those i consider ESTps? (this should be the most fave relationship)

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