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Originally Posted by SG View Post
Someone woke up this morning and decided to leave his brains at home and instead start taking life literally. Ignore him, he is just trolling.
This is infact interesting, I know an ESFj who makes assumptions about people all the time. It's interesting that you assume i'm trolling, and it makes me wonder if Fe can be equated with assumptions about people.

Interestingly, this part:

Two people sure of something, one the type he is, the other the type he's not. Is this enlightenment on the part of both of you that you have supreme knowledge that you don't share or something else? I've noticed that those who are so sure of something so complex are so often either genuises who know so much more than the rest or are ignorant of what they don't know, I think the latter is known with phrases such as the security of ignorance, or ignorance is bliss..
Was written, although valid in itself, was written with the idea of an INTp in mind, as i've read the profiles were it says that they can say things which can be controversial in order to cause people to show their full hand, apparently it helps them with their reasoning as they always have internal doubts. I suppose an Se ego type will typically be quite forward with their thoughts so the prodding is easier or maybe more natural in a way for them.

And you respond as you do here when you encounter behaviour which can be equated with your quasi-identical as we've seen before.
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