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Originally Posted by stanprollyright View Post
Seems like and to me. Alpha NT.
Interesting, thanks.
Originally Posted by sandals View Post
Sounds reasonable.
I can't speak for everyone but I know nothing about MBTI functions. MBTI isn't really that well known outide America, at least in UK it is probably as well known as socionics (ie not very).
Originally Posted by king View Post
My understanding of Ti/Te is certainly not the most advanced.
However the empahasis in the originally quoted statement seems to be on the synthesis of facts over the system the author is creating.

I do know an ILI who thinks in almost exactly this way. very methodical, taking on board info, discarding info which is irrelevent.
However I feel that both Ti and Te are being expressed, I do not have enough information (insight, experience etc.) to say for certain the emphasis either way.
I will say Te > Ti as a gut reaction. actually I'm really not sure. so I will shut up.
Interesting thanks. It seems you see strong T in both functions, with some N being expressed.

Originally Posted by stanprollyright View Post
You don't need to shut up, everyone's input is appreciated. I see it strong Te as well, but Te is unvalued and parts are discarded in favor of Ti.
I agree with both parts.

Originally Posted by stanprollyright View Post
Seems an awful lot like:


OK, I made this post a long time ago, just about the time that i'd heard about Model A. It was part of a discussion and I (or people) were asked to describe Te

(I edited out the part in my quote which says i'm trying to describe my etc for I think obvious reasons of impartiality). At that time I thought I was ISTp, and had ego .

What is interesting I think is that, even although I was attempting to describe Te, it is rather clear to me that Ti is still the dominant function i'm expressing here, given that (among other things):

is external statics of fields.

And as Ashura wrote:

Such an individual perceives information from without as a sense of objects' proper or improper correlation/proportion, a sense of balance or imbalance between them, or an awareness or unawareness of the advantages of one object over another.

I thought that it would be interesting to use this initial quote of this thread for reasons such as: my knowledge of socionics was less at that point (so less tainted to therefore describe something to make it "fit"), and even although I was attempting to describe Te, it's clear to me on reading back on it that the influence is on as valued, and I think some :Ne: thrown in.

The quotes that you posted about as an 8th function I feel do make sense to me, and you've captured the essense of what I was expressing, and how it plays out within me (@ stanprollyright). Thank you for taking the time to post in this thread.

I though i'd post some other peoples analysis of the quote:

Originally Posted by ArchonAlarion
Si + Ti: I pull together all the available facts, and use all the facts I have gathered, 'swirl' them around, and I feel that with what I have gathered I then present to the world, my thoughts. When I gather this information, there is of course, some blanks (after take on board EVERYTHING could suggest I don't actually have a mind of my own) so what happens is I take on as many facts as I can, the more facts I take on, the more able I am to reject that which does not fit in with the most of the assimilated information.

(Basically taking external data and perceiving it as a subjective envelopment (the facts swirl around me). The facts are no longer "objective" i.e. separate from the observer, but are now a subjective and relative experience.)

Ti: The more information I take on, the more I am able to reject that which does not fit in, and the more able I am to use this information to forumulate my own opinions, and indeed, to come up with new ideas and advances in the information I have taken on.

Ti + Ne: It is sort of like a logical information external gatherer, and then connecting that info to be feel knowledgable, to absorb, then produce internally and externally, new insights based on this data gathering and sorting system.

I could easily have said this.

Alpha NT
Originally Posted by Gilly
Sounds mostly like Ti to me, some Ne.
Originally Posted by tuturtutu
Asker aka Taciturn.
It seems most people see it as Ti, and as an Alpha NT.

tuturtutu sees it as an asking type - which corresponds to LII, but not to ILI.

It's just another interesting piece in the puzzle - or whatever that word is/should be.

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