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Originally Posted by JWC3 View Post
Well done good sir! I mean a lot of it seems like you but still

5.) Seems right enough to me at least all of our friends do it, I'm not so sure about the dealing with sickness part tho
I've read the sickness thing other places. It's in the domain, at least.
That confirmed it enough for me.

Originally Posted by JWC3 View Post
6.) Only you and S do this. Not that that's saying much i don't spend that much time with A.
I think A is an ESFp anyway. What about P?

Originally Posted by JWC3 View Post
Oh, Um... is the worrying about the closeness of others you are close to and how they might be closer to each other than you a type thing? Because two of our friends who test as ENFp has expressed this concern to me
I do that too, actually, but I think it's just a thing that happens because we spend a lot of time figuring out what other people are thinking and try to regulate our relationships and control who we are close to. So...yes, it's probably a type thing.
So this one time me an' my bes' frien' Stan, we went to a church service. That preacher was talkin' 'bout hell. So Stan leans over to me an' he says, "I bet hell is like a PoLR hit every day."

An' I says, "Stan, you prolly right."
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