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Mountaindog 28/09/2007 05:46 AM

INTp, 5w4. I pick on F types as much as possible.

That's all I need say now.

Ruby White 20/10/2007 02:10 PM

Hello. I am definitely an INTp on everything. I've been married 7 years and am currently a housewife - which I love, although I have worked a lot of retail and some office gigs. I am a bookworm and constantly study and write for fun. I am more familiar with the MB designations so far, but am finding out more about Socionics. One thing I don't identify with about the MB description of me is the musical aptitude. I'm not at all musical. Also, while I enjoy reading a lot of "pop" science books, I am not even basically adept with technical subjects and can really only appreciate what can be described about them in words, with the complex math left out. How many other INTP's are liberal arts geeks out there?

iannau 19/11/2007 04:30 PM

ISTp (and ISTP in MBTI). Came across socionics while doin' my random-info-surfin' thang about a month ago. I've bothered to revisit more than twice, so I figure I'm hooked & will check in periodically. I've led an adventurous life, the various unpredictable circumstances of which have helped me to grow and thus act in ways quite different than my inner nature, and so doing personality research helps me to return & understand myself on a deeper level - and I'm giving this forum a try just in case is helps me understand others, too :) .
I feel much more comfortable in 1on1 communication, so I've kept private messages enabled - but don't assume what kind of response I'll give!

larrs 19/11/2007 11:25 PM

Larrs(no reason)
Hi everyone.
I'm new to the whole forums thing. I'm only 15 but I'm dying to know my type to the point where its consuming a great portion of my life and thoughts. I like to think that I'm an NT, but I'll lay back for now before I give my life story. This is just a test, I couldn't figure out how to get it to accept my posts, some of them are closed I guess.

K so, I'm an enneagram 4w5(thats what I test). I tend to manipulate and over analyze other tests. I have scored INTP but it doesn't seem like me. Frankly I could even be and ESxx though I would dread it! I should do a vi or something, can't be objective with myself. ISTJ, INFJ, ISFP INTJ maybe. Ive considered all the other introverted types. I've been through some rough times with depression and extreme anxiety, I feel I need this to fall back on. I constantly analyze my self and every situation and its paranoid half the time. Forgive any immature, naive teenage speech patterns I might have.


Originally Posted by Mountaindog (Post 7158)
INTp, 5w4. I pick on F types as much as possible.

That's all I need say now.

Maybe we'll see if you pick on me, do you suppose that might be the best indicator as to whether I'm an F or not.

Cyclops 21/11/2007 11:45 AM

Cyclops (thats my name!) says heh to the forum
Hello all, just recently signed up, had a wander round some various posts-there's a lot there! I'm male, ISTP and ISTp, on both systems. Like socionics, known about it for a year but taking more of an interest and my knowledge of it a bit further. Did a few things in my life, still hoping to some more still! Find socionic type and intertype all interesting stuff. Posted on the q and a a bit. Feel free to reply to me but also like above usually talk better also on a one oh one situation so feel free to private message me as well if you like. Cheers!

pauluch 22/11/2007 06:41 PM

Hi everyon type! I am Paula and my is ENFp. I am from Poland (anybody else from that beautiful country?:) and I study linguistics (English and German). I discovered socionics in May this year and since that time I became one of my interests.
I enjoy life and one of the reasons I like socionics is my difficult relationship with INTj -( working on that;) )

Lyla 16/12/2007 01:24 AM

Hi, I'm Katya from Russia. And I'm INTj. I also studied English and German :) I have many more interests except socionics, but the story is to long to tell.

chopin 29/12/2007 02:43 AM

Hi - I'm an ISFP female, I'm from Brisbane, Australia and I'm doing my Masters in music at the moment. Are there any other ISFPs out there??? :)

rungss 04/01/2008 10:10 PM

Another INTP here
Hi Guys,
I am from Kolkata, India
As far as I understand the Personality types from my research on this subject on various online materials I find myelf to be an INTP.

Came across this site again today through stumbleupon and went through some material around here again today.. and joined the forum..

so here I am introducing myself to the community..

icefusion 18/01/2008 01:55 PM

Hey yo. And hi Larrs. I'm around your age. Just turned 15 around last month. I guess we are the youngest members of socionics.^.^

I am a ENTP female who studies in a Secondary school in Singapore. I'm taking O' Levels this year. I may consider getting a psychology degree when I go to University.

I was introduced to MBTI and the Jungian stuff at 2007 october when my INTJ best friend gave me a link to the test ( I came across Socionics when I googled "extroverted intuition". And I became very interested in socionics and decided to sign up for the forum

econdude 23/01/2008 01:43 AM

I suppose I should post something since it seems like I've gained some popularity in socionicsland (or just as often, unpopularity).

Since I've developed a passion for socionics and can freely post my opinion without much worry (I'm not an academic or expert), this is the perfect site for me. I personally know very few people who have even heard of socionics, so fortunately the internet brings us together.

I believe that I'm an INTj and don't really doubt it, although I've considered whether I'm other types. The world is unfriendly enough as it is so I've decided to try to be nice to people in person or in cyberspace (maybe one reason that some people doubt that I'm an INTj, which has no merit whatsoever!).

Miffy 17/02/2008 08:14 PM

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm in Cornwall, UK. Love the Socionics site/forum and would love to talk with similar-minded people, and get some decent, intelligent conversation for once on a forum!!! :p

Kanerou 21/02/2008 08:59 PM


*looks around, then walks off*

jodgement 24/02/2008 08:08 AM

hello sociolites

ive been a fan of the site and the theorys for a little over a year now, im 94% sure im a isfj, and im looking forward to spending some time on this here forum. im living in chicago at the moment and searching for those gammas,


DamagedExtravert 03/03/2008 03:58 PM

just wondering,would you tell me what type are you?


Originally Posted by jsb'07 (Post 4581)

My name is Kaido (that ai part is enounced as [ri]). I'm from Estonia. I study Estonian language and literature at the moment.

They don't teach the socionics I like online. The socionics I like is something what I like to call the Ethical Socionics, opposite to Western socionics. The Ethical socionics instead of trying to figure out the functions, centres on exploring your self and among many other techniques, it also tryes to use socionics to improve your life and the life of others. That's why it's ethical, it values your feelings a lot. The idea is opposite to 'mainstream', because it belives that by knowing who you are, you can start understanding and using socionics.

BTW, it's nice to see that there's more people online than there are writing ones. The chat doesn't always have to be on socionics. You can talk on what ever you like and wish at the moment. I'm sure that there's a lot of people around here who will like to read and answer to your regular questions, which necessarily don't have to be psychology related all the time.

(Hope my English wasn't way too silly and y'all understood wha I was saying.:cool: )

Nat 11/03/2008 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by Mountaindog (Post 7158)
INTp, 5w4. I pick on F types as much as possible.

That's all I need say now.

ISFp, 4w5. I pick on T types as much as possible.

That's all I need to say now.

Nat 17/03/2008 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by Nat (Post 8622)
ISFp, 4w5. I pick on T types as much as possible.

That's all I need to say now.

Only joking of course. =)

I don't like picking on people...I think it's disgusting actually and I won't stand for it. If I see it, it's likely I'll make an effort to stop it.

pandapanda 21/03/2008 03:26 AM

I'm an ENFP female from the UK. I graduate with a BA in English this year, then I'm going to teach English as a foreign language. I can already see you TJs sniggering. Oh well :p

amai007 11/04/2008 01:03 PM

Sugoi can be roughly translated to Amazing/Terrible.. funny that.

Today I have become interested in socionics..

I am an Infj.. Counselor//Empath

I think this system is amazing.

Sound 13/04/2008 04:46 AM

I am a ... !!!!
I am a...

I may be, might be XXXX!
great, eh?!

No, I have no idea how to socialize with people in real life, but I love people sometimes.
(IF they don't bother me too much, or punch me in the face)

I have an average intelligence, which I think makes sense. IQ tests are made for INTJ's, well, you know what? I have talent in ... something?
(... what AM I good at? O_o)
I can... read! Yes, and I can also walk.

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