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∆tiological - isolates mechanisms for direct causation while exploring a system. 1 12.50%
Bayesian - tends to include extraneous a priori considerations to improve calculations. 0 0%
Fatalist - believes that future/past can be deduced from knowledge of present circumstances. 0 0%
Frequentist - refuses to respect anything but empirical evidence and its empirical probability 0 0%
Inconclusive - has no specific preference in a rational basis, or is simply inconsistent. 1 12.50%
Nomothetic - reasons using a comprehensive system of diagnostic references and the intuition. 3 37.50%
Pyrrhonian - will doubt anything in any context, even skepticism itself. 2 25.00%
Solipsist - identifies all convictions with the premise that only the mind really exists. 0 0%
Stochastic - likes to interpret according to high recurrence and correlativity. 1 12.50%
Voters: 8.

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