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Socionics Forums Rules

The following rules apply to each forum on this site including the chatbox.

* Respect other users by not creating threads or posts that intimidate, bully or insult other people. Harassment and grieving, flaming or deliberately posting provocative, negative or controversial messages to a thread or forum with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument are prohibited.

* Stick to the substance of the post and ''attack'' a user's view, opinion, argumentation but not the user's personality. We understand on occasion a topic may get some heated responses or is emotionally charged. This passion should remain in the discourse. However, please keep your posts respectful. Remember that abusing others is counterproductive and that you will never convince anyone that your views, opinions, argumentations are correct if they shut their minds to what you are saying.

* Do not post messages that support or condone any illegal activities or anything that could be considered libelous or defamatory or anything that could be perceived as discriminatory, gross or offensive; such as racist, sexist, pornographic, profane, vulgar, derogatory, hateful, or threatening content and "shock" images or websites.

* Please keep your language clean and avoid unnecessary profanities.

* Naming & shaming is not permitted. This means you are not allowed to create threads about a particular forum user. Only users themselves can create threads about themselves.

* Obviously blatant posts and statements directed at a selected group (i.e. based on quadrables, types or religious beliefs, physical attributes, color, sexual orientation, etc...) will not be tolerated.

* Spamming and flooding are not permitted, although high forum use is fine as long as you are sensible. Please also avoid creating duplicate threads.

* Please do not quote or reply to spam. Just click on the REPORT button and the post/spammer will be removed.

* Unsolicited advertising is not allowed on this site. If you wish to promote your own website, please restrict this to a discrete link in your forum signature rather than creating new topics just for the exposure.

* If you feel that a post or a user need our attention, use REPORT button and give a small description of the violation.

* The socionics.com staff are volunteers and have the final word. Do not publicly argue or criticise them. If you disagree with their decisions, contact them via PM.

Thanks, and enjoy your stay!

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